A lot of homes in Fort Lauderdale have natural marble but we are going to discuss both cultured and natural Marble Polishing in Fort Lauderdale.  Using the wrong type of polish and polishing technique can turn a simple polishing job into a complex refinishing job.  One of the biggest causes of a Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale job gone wrong is not knowing what type of tile we are working with.

How do I know what type of marble I have before marble polishing?

The first thing you need to do before you proceed with Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale is to determine what type of marble you have. One of the quick and easy ways to determine what type of marble you have is by checking the temperature.  If the floor temperature is cooler than the temperature of the surrounding air then it is probably natural marble.  On the contrary cultured marble will be the same temperature of the surrounding air.  There are two other ways to check your marble, an acid test or the scratch method.  Both of these marble tests could put your marble at risk for damage.  Vinegar will create bubbles in natural marble and a nail will make scratches in natural marble.  Make sure to test your marble before you polish your marble floors.

Do I need to remove stains before polishing marble?

Marble stains are caused when substances are trapped in the stone.  If you use Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale to polish over the stains it will further seal them in causing you to put more money into your marble floors to restore them than is necessary.  A lot of dirt and stains can accumulate during your Ft Lauderdale parties. Use soap and lukewarm water to remove the stains in preparation for your Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale experience.

There are other methods that will help you get ready for your Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale project, enabling you to tackle more difficult stains through products such as hydrogen peroxide combined with a few drops of ammonia and shredded paper towels.  Stir until it turns into a paste and apply that paste to the stain.  Use plastic and tape to cover the paste and poke a few holes to vent.  Let it dry for two days and wipe it up.  If the stain remains or there is other damage there may be a need to go beyond marble polishing and do a full marble resurfacing job.

How do I clean marble floors before polishing?

Before you proceed with your Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale job, you need to clean the floors.  On cultured marble, you can clean with harsher components as it has a protective coating.   The use of household cleaners and a brush with nylon bristles.  On natural marble, you will need to stick with soap and water.  Finishing off your clean floors with a soft microfiber cloth is essential to proper preparation before polishing your marble.

What do I use to Polish marble?

Using the right chemical to create a solid long lasting shine is critical to successfully applying Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale.  At Mint Marble we use the Everlast system, which last 3 to 5 times longer than typical polishing projects.  In Fort Lauderdale there is a lot of aged marble, don’t let yours bring down the overall appearance of your home.