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Marble Polishing for Your Yacht

It is often said that a house is the most expensive purchase anyone can do in their lifetime. Though this statistic may be true, there are some people that like to invest in other properties. Yachts, for example, are appealing and a great investment for those that like the ocean and live in an area that they’ll be able to enjoy them. Now, there are different styles and ways to decorate these luxurious properties. Most of the time they require more maintenance than a house. Unless you find the right materials and the right people that will help you with the upkeep. Marble floors and accents, for example, are a combination of durability and style. Marble is considered one of the hardest and most durable natural stones. This material is stain and scratch resistant, and it can handle more pressure and impact compared to other surfaces. Nevertheless, walking on it, tracking in salt water and deck grime, and exposing it to UV rays will affect the marble. Without the proper care, the marble will start to look cloudy and lose its luxurious appeal. Since yachts are exposed to different elements, giving it the proper maintenance will strengthen the marble, avoiding the possibilities of future stains and cracks. Marble polishing boosts the shine of the stone and protects it from everyday foot traffic and spills. Marble polishing isn’t just available for floors. It is also recommended for countertops and showers. When looking for the best team to polish your marble floors, countertops, and showers be sure to ask about the products they use. The professionals at Mint Marble & Stone use the Everlast Floor System for all their jobs. The unique qualities of this system are [...]

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Commercial Floor Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

If you want to create an atmosphere of opulence and class in Fort Lauderdale, marble flooring is a step above most other flooring options. Its unparalleled elegance can be seen at the Taj Mahal and in Michelangelo’s David, so why not your hotel or restaurant? Perhaps one of the reasons polished marble flooring in a restaurant or hotel encourages a feeling refinement is because it is reminiscent of those classic works of art or maybe because marble polishing gets it to a brilliant shine. However, there are more reasons to consider marble or other fine stones for your flooring than just aesthetics. Marble is a durable material, taken from mountains in large slabs, smoothed and polished. The patterns and colors occur naturally which means no two floors are alike. Marble is stain and scratch resistant and its hardness allows it to have a very high polish. Even compared to other stones, it can be polished to a smoothness you can’t get with other stone. For commercial businesses like hotels and restaurants, ambiance is an important part of what makes your guests feel comfortable. The right atmosphere can shape a dining or hospitality experience. Marble flooring, in top condition, can turn a bar and grill into a “dining experience.” How Hard is Marble? However, marble is a softer stone. In geology, the Mohs hardness scale measures scratch resistance. When you hear that diamonds are the hardest substance, it refers to this scale. Diamond is at a 10 while marble is between 3 and 4. That means it’s harder than things like copper, gold, aluminum, and most limestone. However, it’s still fairly low on the scale. If glass, iron, steel, and many other materials drag across it, [...]

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The Process of Restaurant Floor Polishing

A popular survey indicated that dirty restaurant floors affect more than 68 percent of customers' perceptions of a restaurant’s establishment. These customers explain that they would never return to dine at the establishment again. A whopping 86 percent also agreed that they always compare the cleanliness of the restaurant floors to the condition of the kitchen and its floors. Dirty and unkempt floors can not only cost you customers but also directly affect your building maintenance costs. Dirty floors may also cause dangerous accidents that may cause slipping and falling. For hygiene and safety, one of the top concerns of running a successful restaurant business is the responsibility of restaurant floor polishing and maintenance. Maintaining the cleanliness for your brand value, customers, and also health departments who pop in for regular inspections is a must for every hospitality establishment. Apart from the creative aesthetics and design options, restaurant floors should be easy to maintain, remain odorless, and durable enough to hold up against high traffic for various periods of time throughout the day. For instance, flooring at the bar area needs to be specifically fluid resistant. Dining floors need to be resistant to acids from the dropped food, and so on. Therefore, the type of flooring you choose for your restaurant is a very important decision indeed. Recommended Flooring Options for Restaurants Please note that regardless of any type of flooring you choose to use for your restaurant, for better quality and durability you need to ensure that it is of commercial grade. Marble Tiles: Marble tiles are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile, however, have a very high installation costs. Depending on the restaurant area, the total expenditure can run between $7,000 to $10,000. Carpets: Carpets are [...]

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Marble Polishing Miami Job In Weston

Marble Polishing Miami Problem The Mint Marble team was called out to 136th Avenue in Miami to bring more shine to this marble floor through our marble polishing service. Marble Polishing Miami Solution We were able to easily fix this customers problem by using our diamond grinding techniques along side our exclusive Everlast Floor System. These two techniques combined made this floor slip resistant and produced a super high shine to the marble. The customer was shocked to see how beautiful their floor turned out after proper care had been implemented on it.

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Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale Project – Hollywood

Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale Team Found the Problem: We were called out to a house in Hollywood, FL where the marble floors were in a terrible state. The marble was dull and had stain marks all over. The owners admitted to trying to treat the problem themselves by using a cleaning solution that would not have benefited their floor favorably. Luckily they called our team and we were easily able to resolve the issue. Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale Team Provided a Solution: Our marble polishing Fort Lauderdale team quickly resolved the homeowner's problem by passing our diamonds over it and applied our Everlast Hardener powder, polished the floor and coated with our Everlast Sealer. Check out the great results below: Before: After:

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Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale

A lot of homes in Fort Lauderdale have natural marble but we are going to discuss both cultured and natural Marble Polishing in Fort Lauderdale.  Using the wrong type of polish and polishing technique can turn a simple polishing job into a complex refinishing job.  One of the biggest causes of a Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale job gone wrong is not knowing what type of tile we are working with. How do I know what type of marble I have before marble polishing? The first thing you need to do before you proceed with Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale is to determine what type of marble you have. One of the quick and easy ways to determine what type of marble you have is by checking the temperature.  If the floor temperature is cooler than the temperature of the surrounding air then it is probably natural marble.  On the contrary cultured marble will be the same temperature of the surrounding air.  There are two other ways to check your marble, an acid test or the scratch method.  Both of these marble tests could put your marble at risk for damage.  Vinegar will create bubbles in natural marble and a nail will make scratches in natural marble.  Make sure to test your marble before you polish your marble floors. Do I need to remove stains before polishing marble? Marble stains are caused when substances are trapped in the stone.  If you use Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale to polish over the stains it will further seal them in causing you to put more money into your marble floors to restore them than is necessary.  A lot of dirt and stains can accumulate during your Ft Lauderdale parties. Use soap [...]

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Saturnia Polishing in Boca Raton

SATURNIA FLOOR IN Boca Raton: Keeping residential flooring clean and scratch free is difficult when kids and pets are involved. Mint Marble Stone Restoration is here to help. In this particular case Mint Marble serviced a residential saturnia floor in Boca Raton, Florida. The before picture shows the saturnia floor in a dull and depressing state. After Mint Marble applied their custom Everlast Floor System, these saturnia floors proved to be atheistically pleasing. The Everlast Floor System enhanced this floor type by adding a high quality, polished and guaranteed safe shine. While the homeowners were pleased with the results, Mint Marble once again proves to be the best choice when it comes to redoing your saturnia floors. Our residential restoration services are delivered quickly, professionally and with a satisfaction guarantee. Our Custom Everlast Floor System will: Increase shine Protect against spills Scratch and stain resistant See how Mint Marble Stone Restoration can improve the appearance to any residential floor type.

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Saturnia Resurfacing in Coral Springs

Saturnia Residential Job Coral Springs Living in Florida provides a lot of hazardous situations for residential floors. In this specific case, Mint Marble Stone Restoration serviced a residential floor in Coral Springs, Florida.  This particular residential job dealt with a Saturnia floor type that was located closely to a door, which gave access to a private pool. Pool water, or any type of water, can cause harmful damage to Saturnia floor types. The damage occurs because water is absorbed over time into the crevasses of the stone. This type of water damage can cause Saturnia flooring’s appearance to diminish to a dull, unsightly state.  Mint Marble Stone Restoration suggested to the homeowners the use of their custom Everlast Floor System. The homeowners agreed. After the Everlast Floor System was applied, their Saturnia floor was transformed. The Everlast Floor System provided this flooring type with a high-quality polish and guaranteed safe shine. Our residential restoration services are delivered quickly, professionally and with a satisfaction guarantee. Our Custom Everlast Floor System will: Increase shine Protect against spills Scratch and stain resistant See how Mint Marble Stone Restoration can improve the appearance to any water damaged residential floor type.

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Marble Polishing Ft Lauderdale Law Office

This is a green marble floor at a law office that was recently restored by another company. This job didn't make the floors shine like the client wanted so they called in the Mint Marble team to complete the marble polishing job.  This Fort Lauderdale law firm needed the floors to add to their image and properly represent them as a high-end, well-polished firm.  The marble polishing job performed by the previous company left a film that reduced the shine, the marble floors looked uneven and failed to impress the company. Our Marble Polishing Ft Lauderdale Team Found the Problem The marble floor polishing process did not have enough grinding originally and the company put on a lot of coats of Crystallization. After being mopped repeatedly, the Crystallization was becoming very dull and the floor was back to where they started a year ago. Without properly polishing your marble floors, the maintenance of your marble will be impossible.  Our Everlast marble polishing process is customized to the needs of your floor to ensure, with proper maintenance, that your marble floors will continue to shine. Next, Our Marble Polishing Fort Lauderdale Team Provided the Solution Our experts started by removing the chemicals and top layer by diamond grinding the floor.  Then we applied our Everlast Hardener, further diamond ground the marble floor to the shine we wanted, and then applied the Everlast Sealer.  Our marble floor sealer is a custom blend that we have cultivated over our 26-year career taking the latest chemicals available and seeing their results over thousands of commercial and residential marble floors. This marble polishing job has brought back this Fort Lauderdale law firm's floors to match their corporate image. What does your [...]

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Marble Restoration Palm Beach Job

Marble Restoration Palm Beach Team Found the Problem This floor had a lot of stains, discolorations and holes. Marble Restoration Palm Beach Team Provided the Solution We diamond ground the floor, applied our Everlast Hardener to reduce the holes from opening up.  We removed the Crystallization, which I feel trapped the moisture in the stone (because Crystallization is mostly wax and it doesn't let the stone "breathe".  We then filled the holes, powder polished the stone and applied our Everlast Sealer, which is not a wax, it is slip resistant, and stain resistant.  Giving the highest possible shine while letting the stone breathe.  

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