Residential Floor Restoration

Floor restoration in your home is a far more practical and economical way of keeping your stone floor looking fresh and polished. Residential floor restoration on a regular basis is a preferred option over renovating floors completely. Floors become difficult to maintain as they age; that’s because with time, the wear and tear affect the texture and the looks of the floor, regardless of the type of floor it is. It’s important to know what kind of restoration treatments are appropriate for the type of floors – regardless if you choose to do the restoration yourself or have a professional come to do it for you . Carpet Just like any type of flooring, the life of carpet floors depends on the type of environment it is in. Carpet placed in high traffic areas is bound to grow older at a faster pace, collect more dirt and other contaminants compared to the other parts because of natural wear. Most carpets have a lifespan of more than 10 years. In high traffic areas, restoration procedures can help lengthen the life of carpet and with the proper residential floor restoration practices can last for decades. How often you need the restoration done will depend on the traffic frequency; however, it should be done regularly to prevent dirt build-up. Avoid delaying restoration until wear on the carpet shows and instead opt for restoration early on. Restoration Procedure: The process for restoration involves hot water and a mild detergent. Before the water is processed through the carpet often pre-conditioners, especially in the high traffic areas, are applied to help lift dirt more readily and rinse easier. It’s very important that regardless of what procedure is carried out no residual [...]

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Is Residential Floor Restoration Right for You?

Flooring is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make in your home aside from renovations and kitchen or bathroom upgrades. Your residential floors endure heavy traffic and are often at risk for scratching and chipping. Restoring your stone floor ensures its longevity as well as preserves its aesthetic value. Determining if your floor requires residential floor restoration largely depends on your flooring stone, style, and regular maintenance regimes. Restoring your stone flooring with our unique Everlast Floor System reduces maintenance cost by up to 75 percent, protects and ensures a shine that lasts 3 to 5 times longer than factory finishes, and permanently hardens and supports your marble and stone floor. It is also stain and scratch resistant. Determining the best time to begin residential floor restoration is based on a variety of factors such as finish, traffic, and stone type. When to Consider Restoring Your Stone Floors Dull stone flooring has a negative impact on the overall value of your home and often gives your living spaces an unattractive appearance. Opting for stone restoration gives your floor a simple and quick facelift. Through applied products, buffing, and sealing your floor restoration not only gives floors a like new reflective shine but also helps it endure heavy traffic, pets, and children. The first step in determining if your residential floor is up for restoration is to check it thoroughly. First look for loose tiles, prominent cracks or chips, or crumbling grout. Honing is the process of buffing out cosmetic scratches or surface cracks. Determine if honing is adequate to polish your floors by touching the cracks. If the cracks are uneven or raised your stone tile is cracked throughout out and honing is [...]

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