Commercial Floor Care in Fort Lauderdale

Mint Marble and Stone Restoration has over 26 years of experience in commercial floor care services. We provide commercial floor restoration services for stone, marble, terrazzo, and concrete floors and other surfaces for commercial clients such as Hotels, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, and Theme Parks. We have custom Everlast Floor System that delivers quality results and long-term protection from wear and tear for entryways, bathrooms, foyers, grand staircases, fountains, and other highly trafficked areas that require regular stone polishing and restoration work. Our quality service will leave all your customers with a “WOW” facial expression.

Commercial Floor Care & Surface Restoration with the Everlast Floor System

Mint Marble Stone Restoration is an exclusive provider of the Everlast Stone Guard System that delivers long-lasting results to your stone surfaces. The use of the Everlast system for your restoration and polishing work will give you a better clarity and more reflective surface after polishing. We also provide cleaning, sealing, crack repair, and stain removal services for marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo and other natural stone surfaces. When your stone surfaces in your hotel, restaurant, or other commercial property becomes dull and scratched, it is time to consider the Everlast Stone Guard System and you will be happy with the results as our team delivers the results.

Other Commercial Floor Care Services

We treat each commercial marble and stone restoration job with a unique respect for the value of the stones and the condition that is going to be most desirable for your patrons. We work on floors, entryways, bathrooms, staircases, fountains, and other highly trafficked areas and provide the following services:

  • Grinding – we eliminate deep scratches and uneven tile edges using a diamond abrasive pad and water to keep the dust down.
  • Honing – we eliminate minor scratches from normal wear and tear using less abrasive pads and also without any dust.
  • Polishing – this service will enhance the sheen of the stone and protect the marble or stone from everyday traffic and spills.
  • Cleaning – We focus on removing dirt, stains, and bacteria along with excess wax buildup and polymers that have become embedded over time.
  • Sealing – once we are done with our work we provide a seal to preserve the natural stone.
  • Color Enhancing – our penetrating sealer products using the Everlast Stone Guard System also deliver enhancement to color.
  • Stripping – we remove the topical coatings that block the ability for your stone to naturally reflect.
  • Grout Cleaning and Sealing – grout is known to collect dirt and debris, which takes away from the quality look of your stone. Our patented Everlast system helps clean grout lines to look like new.