If you want to create an atmosphere of opulence and class in Fort Lauderdale, marble flooring is a step above most other flooring options. Its unparalleled elegance can be seen at the Taj Mahal and in Michelangelo’s David, so why not your hotel or restaurant? Perhaps one of the reasons polished marble flooring in a restaurant or hotel encourages a feeling refinement is because it is reminiscent of those classic works of art or maybe because marble polishing gets it to a brilliant shine.

However, there are more reasons to consider marble or other fine stones for your flooring than just aesthetics. Marble is a durable material, taken from mountains in large slabs, smoothed and polished. The patterns and colors occur naturally which means no two floors are alike. Marble is stain and scratch resistant and its hardness allows it to have a very high polish. Even compared to other stones, it can be polished to a smoothness you can’t get with other stone.

For commercial businesses like hotels and restaurants, ambiance is an important part of what makes your guests feel comfortable. The right atmosphere can shape a dining or hospitality experience. Marble flooring, in top condition, can turn a bar and grill into a “dining experience.”

How Hard is Marble?

However, marble is a softer stone. In geology, the Mohs hardness scale measures scratch resistance. When you hear that diamonds are the hardest substance, it refers to this scale. Diamond is at a 10 while marble is between 3 and 4. That means it’s harder than things like copper, gold, aluminum, and most limestone. However, it’s still fairly low on the scale. If glass, iron, steel, and many other materials drag across it, it can leave scratches.

So, what can you do when marble ages and loses its shine? Because of the properties of the material, a professional can restore damaged and faded marble to brilliance.

Marble Restoration

Finely polished marble can lose its shine over time with normal wear and tear like heels and furniture. However, it’s possible for skilled professionals like Mint Marble Restoration in Fort Lauderdale to bring back marble flooring even from the brink. With over 26 years of experience in stone restoration, we have the expertise to handle stone polishing, cleaning, resurfacing and restoration in hotels and restaurants.

How it Works

We use an exclusive four-step Everlast Floor System that is designed to increase shine, harden, increase durability, and slip resistance. Typical stone flooring can be affected by spills like wine and soda by staining or etching. After the Everlast Floor System, the floor will be more resistant and if spills are wiped up quickly, they will leave no mark.

The result of this system is permanent stain and scratch resistance. Because the floor is hardened, any typical scratching will be minor and we can easily scrub and reseal it to remove blemishes. Then, all you have to do to maintain it will be to keep it clean and have it buffed periodically.