Concrete Polishing in Fort Lauderdale & South Florida

Mint Marble and Stone Restoration specializes in polishing residential concrete surfaces. A few years ago deciding to put concrete floors in your home as an option was nonexistent. Today concrete surfaces are the go-to options for both commercial and residential properties. Concrete surfaces no longer have the “dusty surface” reputation they once did. A polished concrete floor can now be stained and smoothed to perfection providing homeowners in South Florida with beautiful concrete floors that are durable, attractive, and strong.

Concrete polishing in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida is a simple process that involves staining, sealing, and resurfacing. Polished concrete floors give you an affordable flooring option that can withstand moisture and the elements of South Florida. If concrete polishing is not done properly the concrete can crack or chip easily.

Not only does our experience set us apart from our competitors, but so does our superior methods in concrete staining, concrete sealing, concrete resurfacing, and concrete polishing. Fort Lauderdale’s Mint Marble and Stone Restoration took our years of experience in concrete surface repair and developed the custom Everlast Floor System. This unique process gives the perfect finishing touch to all of our concrete polishing, concrete staining, concrete resurfacing, and concrete sealing projects.

Our Concrete Surface Services Include:

We Also Offer

  • Concrete Grinding
  • Concrete Honing
  • Concrete Surface Sealing
  • Concrete Color Enhancing
  • Concrete Topical Coat Stripping
  • Concrete Grout Cleaning and Sealing

With over 26 years of experience our Mint Marble team is sure to provide top-notch service for concrete staining, concrete sealing and concrete resurfacing in South Florida. Remember when your polished concrete floors become dull, scratched or stained let us restore them to mint condition. Contact us today!