This is a store in Downtown Miami.  It has a concrete floor with various coats of paint on top. One of the clients main concerns was how slippery the floors were going to be. The client wanted this concrete floor to be one color instead of the various colors from the paint on top.

Our Concrete Sealing Team in Miami Found the Problem

We ground off the coatings, applied our Everlast Hardener, continued with our diamonds and applied our Everlast Sealer to give the concrete floor a fantastic shine.  The store will be a Juice Bar and one of the owner’s concerns was how slippery the concrete floor would be.  They were very happy when they found out that one of the benefits of our system is that it makes the concrete floor slip resistant in addition to making it easier to maintain.

Concerete Sealing Miami Team Provided a Solution


Photo of floor before concrete sealing in Miami


Photo of floor after concrete sealing in Miami

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Commercial Concrete Sealing Job in Miami
We ground off the coatings, applied our hardener, continued with our diamonds, and applied a sealer to give the concrete floor a fantastic shine.