Everlast Floor System in Fort Lauderdale

Mint Marble and Stone Restoration has been one of the most sought after commercial and residential floor restoration companies in South Florida for a multitude of reasons. One of the main factors that set us apart from other restoration companies is our unique and exclusive 4-step Everlast Floor System. This 4-step system is intended to increase shine, harden, protect the floor and make it slip resistant.

A normal stone floor will immediately etch or stain when wine, soda or juice comes in contact with the surface. This is why our Mint Marble team developed this custom system with the customers’ needs in mind. With our system, you can wipe up the stain quickly and it will not damage the floor.

Along with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, our system will permanently harden your floor. It will be extremely hard and very scratch and stain resistant, FOREVER.

Everlast Floor System

Future maintenance will be reduced to:

  • Keeping the floor clean
  • High-speed buffing (burnishing) the floor to keep the high shine of the sealer.

If the floor does start to show signs of wear or minor scratching, we will come in and scrub, re-apply a coat of our sealer and burnish the floor to restore the finish.

This system does not need to be stripped.

With proper maintenance, the floor will never need to be ground again (except if the floor is abused).

Our Everlast Floor System produces a shine that lasts 3-5 times longer than normal restoration services would. So when your floors are dull, scratched and in need of restoration, let our Everlast floor System do the work. So let us reduce your maintenance costs by up to 75% while you sit back, relax and let Mint Marble and Stone Restoration transform your floors.

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Custom Everlast floor system