Marble resurfacing in MiamiIn Miami, the housing market has been strengthening over the last two years. Many homeowners are looking to capitalize on the opportunity to relocate or recoup their investment.  In order to get the top market dollar, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve the appearance of their home.  One of the easiest ways to drastically improve the quality of your home is to resurface your marble floors.  Most people look at their marble floors and think they have to replace them if they are scratched, stained or worn down.  But in reality, all they need is professional Marble Resurfacing in Miami. Whether you try to resurface your floors yourself or hire an expert there are several things you need to understand.

How to resurface marble floors?

This process starts by removing a very thin layer of marble off the top of the floors.  This will remove the damage or stain.  The marble tiles or slabs should be thick enough to handle several resurfacing jobs without damaging the integrity of the marble floors.  Most professionals use a diamond cutter to remove the damaged marble.  This tool can be tricky to operate and the key to your success will be in making an even cut. Do not run the diamond grinder over one area of the marble longer than other areas or it will take off too much marble in one spot and not enough in others.  Even grinding is critical to your success.  Unless you have spent years grinding different types of marble floors it can be easy to create irreparable damage, forcing you to replace them which will cost more than you may recoup in the Miami market.

How can I make my resurfaced marble floors shine?

For good Marble Resurfacing in Miami, you need to remove all the damage to your floors and they should look like they did when the marble was picked up from the store.  The next phase is to polish the new marble surface.  The key to getting the right shine on your marble is in choosing the marble polish that has a chemical composition that is optimized for the type of marble and the condition/age of your marble.  We recommend the Everlast floor protection system as it has been proven to last 3-5 times longer than a normal marble resurfacing process.

How to seal my marble floors after resurfacing them?

Now that you have your Marble Resurfacing in Miami is complete and your floor is polished it is time to make sure that shine lasts through traditional wear, staining and other damage.  A proper marble sealer can handle even wine spills without causing damage to your floor.  So when your realtor has a showing for all the realtors in Miami and they track dirt and spill wine and cookies all through the house, you will know your newly finished floors are protected.  After they all leave all you will need to do is take soap and water and your marble resurfacing job will look as good as it did the day you purchased the marble.