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There are several mistakes to avoid if you are cleaning a marble shower. While marble is a hard stone it is very easy to permanently damage the surface if you use the wrong cleaners or methods.

Acid-Based Cleaners:

The shiny finish of your marble shower can be etched if you use an acid-based cleaner. This includes commercial cleaners that contain lemon or vinegar, as both are acids. Do not use cleaners that advertise themselves as removing lime and rust deposits easily as most of these are also acid based. If you etch the surface of the marble it will most likely have to be professionally refinished.

Scouring Cleaners:

Do not use scouring powder like you scrub sinks and bathtubs with as these will scratch the surface and permanently damage it. If an area needs to be scoured, use baking soda and a wet cloth or sponge. You can also use the ‘soft’ scrubbing style cleansers that won’t do any damage to the surface.


Many people use automobile wax on their marble shower stalls to keep them shined and water spots to a minimum. If you do, do not apply it to the floor of the shower as it will make it dangerously slick and you could suffer a fall.

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