Saturnia Residential Job Coral Springs

Living in Florida provides a lot of hazardous situations for residential floors. In this specific case, Mint Marble Stone Restoration serviced a residential floor in Coral Springs, Florida.  This particular residential job dealt with a Saturnia floor type that was located closely to a door, which gave access to a private pool. Pool water, or any type of water, can cause harmful damage to Saturnia floor types. The damage occurs because water is absorbed over time into the crevasses of the stone. This type of water damage can cause Saturnia flooring’s appearance to diminish to a dull, unsightly state.  Mint Marble Stone Restoration suggested to the homeowners the use of their custom Everlast Floor System. The homeowners agreed. After the Everlast Floor System was applied, their Saturnia floor was transformed. The Everlast Floor System provided this flooring type with a high-quality polish and guaranteed safe shine.


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Our Custom Everlast Floor System will:

  • Increase shine
  • Protect against spills
  • Scratch and stain resistant

See how Mint Marble Stone Restoration can improve the appearance to any water damaged residential floor type.