To anyone who has an interest in the ocean or sailing, a yacht has a certain undeniable appeal. The sun shines on the open water. The tropical winds kick up a salt spray that sprinkles across the deck. The warm South Floridian waters are an excellent place to see wildlife, go fishing, or just enjoy the view. On a yacht, you take the comforts of home to the beauty of the open ocean or you can cruise up the Intracoastal to show off your trusty nautical steed.

A yacht is an expensive purchase and, in many ways, the height of luxury. Not only is the price tag a barrier to entry for most people, they usually require more upkeep than a typical piece of property. The reason? Well, there are a variety of factors that contribute to maintenance needs of a yacht.

That salt air you could spend all day in actually does a lot of wear and tear to most surfaces. Boats and coastal buildings usually have to be painted more often than inland properties. To keep a yacht looking pristine, it needs to be painted every five or so years.

Then you have the interior to consider. Surfaces inside the boat need upkeep as well. Salt water sprayed across the deck can cause corrosion on many surfaces and rust can build up quickly. Plus, a yacht is a moving vehicle that can bend and sway with the waves. Movement over time can cause subtle damage to appear like warping and cracks.

Benefit of Using Marble

Marble has a lot of benefits for use in a variety of settings but it’s especially valuable on a yacht. With many fine materials, you have to choose between style and durability but marble meets both criteria. It’s scratch resistant, stain resistant, and it can handle pressure and impact more than other surfaces. Plus, when polished and shined, marble looks elegant and it can be found in a variety of design patterns.

Because of its durability, marble lasts a long time without visible aging. Once it’s put in, if it’s maintained, marble is typically going to last until it’s removed again.

Marble Restoration on Yachts

Despite its durability and longevity, marble on a yacht still needs to be maintained like any surface would. By walking on it, tracking in salt water and deck grime, and exposing it to UV rays marble, will start to look cloudy and lackluster. Plus, if it is neglected for too long, even marble can be collect cracks and stains. It is a stone and will begin to look more like a stone after a certain amount of time. One disadvantage to using marble is that it requires experienced professionals to install and maintain it.

Mint Marble & Stone Restoration is equipped to handle marble restoration, resurfacing, polishing and cleaning. If marble has taken a beating, restoration is more cost effect than replacing it. Even extensive damage may not mean the marble is ruined. Our specialists can find unique ways to restore even the roughest marble surfaces. If floors are improperly installed, they may also have uneven surfaces, but even improperly installed marble can be fixed by our skilled restoration specialists.