We Restore Stone Surfaces in Fort Lauderdale

Mint Marble and Stone Restoration provides an array of stone surface services to residential properties from Daytona Beach to Coral Gables. All of our stone cleaning, stone polishing, stone restoration, and stone resurfacing projects are completed with our custom Everlast Floor System.

We developed this custom Everlast Floor System after years of experience in working with several different flooring materials. Using our Everlast Floor System on all of our stone cleaning, polishing, restoration, and resurfacing projects ensures the highest quality and best results.

Performing any type of service to natural stone surfaces requires extensive knowledge of the type of stone that needs to be taken care of. Each type of stone requires particular products and methods that are appropriate. The processes can be difficult and time-consuming but needs to be done very carefully.

Caring for natural stone requires specialists in order, someone who knows what they’re doing, to keep it looking new. We will provide natural stone care services based on the specific needs of each piece or area. We can help your stone surfaces appear new again; when properly cleaned and polished, natural stone surfaces reflect light beautifully with no distortion.

Our stone surface services include:

We Also Offer:

  • Stone Grinding
  • Stone Honing
  • Stone Surface Sealing
  • Stone Color Enhancing
  • Stone Topical Coat Stripping
  • Stone Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Hiring Mint Marble and Stone Restoration to enhance your stone floors is the best option for homeowners residing in the South Florida region. All of our services will surely bring a “WOW” expression to your face. Remember when your stone surfaces become dull, scratched, or stained let us restore them to mint condition. For further information on stone surfaces contact us or call 866-415-2639.