Mint Marble and Stone Restoration is happy to share a recently completed terrazzo floor restoration project from Coral Springs Florida. Take a look at what we can do for your floors by seeing what we did for others.

Terrazzo Restoration Coral Springs Problem

In this residential job, the floor type in question was a dull terrazzo floor. When the Mint Marble team arrived to perform their terrazzo restoration service they witnessed a floor that was worn and scratched. In addition to the floors current condition, there were settlement cracks. Getting rid of these settlement cracks was the clients’ main concern and objective for bringing in our expert terrazzo restoration coral springs team.

Terrazzo Restoration Coral Springs Solution

Upon arrival, our team grounded out the scratches and cracks. In order to properly repair and maintain this floor type, Mint Marble recommended the use of their custom Everlast Floor System. The homeowners agreed that after the Everlast Floor System was applied their terrazzo floor was transformed. The Everlast Floor System provided this Terrazzo Floors with a high quality, polished and guaranteed safe shine.

Terrazzo Restoration Coral Springs Results

When the terrazzo restoration project was completed, the settlement cracks were eliminated through our proprietary process.  The homeowners said, “Wow! It looks like we bought a new floor”.  This Terrazzo Restoration Coral Springs Project was a great success.  Let us know how we can help restore your floors.

Our residential terrazzo floor restoration services are delivered quickly, professionally and with a satisfaction guarantee.

Our Custom Everlast Floor System will:

  • Increase shine
  • Protect against spills
  • Scratch and stain resistant

Contact us to see how Mint Marble Stone Restoration can improve the appearance to your any floor type affected by settlement cracks in South Florida.