Mint Marble Stone Restoration Visits Legions Park

Do you have years of wax build up on your terrazzo floor? Mint Marble and Stone Restoration is experienced and here to help. Our experience with terrazzo restoration and wax buildup comes from numerous past projects but was most recently performed in Miami Florida. This commercial floor care project at Legions Park had 10 years of wax buildup covering the floor of the main gathering room as well as the hallways. In addition, the main gathering room and hallway floors’ also had numerous scratches and unsightly track marks. In order to complete the terrazzo floor restoration, Mint Marble started by removing the wax coating off the floor. The next step was to grind out the scratches. The final step was for Mint Marble to reseal the floor with their custom Everlast Floor System. Upon completion the client response was positive. They couldn’t believe how Mint Marble Stone Restoration was able to transform such an unsightly floor into an aesthetically pleasing one.

Our terrazzo restoration services are delivered quickly, professionally, and with a satisfaction guarantee.

Mint Marble’s Custom Everlast Floor System will:

  • Increase shine
  • Protect against spills
  • Scratch and stain resistant

See how Mint Marble Stone Restoration can assist in the removal of wax buildup on any floor type in South Florida. Contact us for more information on our commercial floor care services.