Mint Marble Stone Restoration is excited to bring a new commercial floor care project all the way from the University of Alabama. While Mint Marble and Stone Restoration is available for jobs in South Florida, this particular case was especially interesting and the Mint Marble team traveling to Alabama to tackle this intriguing commercial floor care project.<--break->

This terrazzo floor restoration took place at the University of Alabama’s campus. This campus building was floored with an aesthetically pleasing epoxy terrazzo. The problem was the epoxy terrazzo wasn’t protected correctly. Since the floor wasn’t protected correctly, it was hard to tell how visually pleasing the pattern was. The epoxy terrazzo’s finish was poorly done and in turn damage during construction occurred. This construction damage scratched the epoxy terrazzo while leaving the floor in a dull and unappealing state. Since there is so much foot traffic in this University of Alabama campus building, the university needed a solution that would withstand the foot traffic. The Mint Marble team suggested the use of their Custom Everlast Floor System that is customizable to each floor type. After a deep cleaning, the dirt and scratches were eliminated leaving a perfect foundation for the Custom Everlast Floor System to be applied. After application to the epoxy terrazzo floor, the construction damage was repaired leaving a high shine and scratch free surface. The university was pleased with the results and couldn’t believe how Mint Marble Stone Restoration’s Custom Everlast Floor System improved the look of their patterned epoxy terrazzo floor.

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Our Custom Everlast Floor System will:

  • Increase shine
  • Protect against spills
  • Scratch and stain resistant

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