Marble is formed when limestone is subjected to heat. It is very aesthetically pleasing and often the preferred choice when one seeks to convey wealth, dignity, and style. It is classic and timeless. It is made of from the mineral calcite and other natural minerals such as clay, quartz, pyrite, iron, graphite, and micas. As the limestone undergoes the change process of metamorphosis the calcite in the limestone recrystallizes and interlocks calcite crystals.

Marble in Your Home

Choosing marble for your home is a viable option that enables your home to show well. You can put marble on your floor, on kitchen countertops, and even in showers. The main reasons for the popularity of marble is that it is durable, nonporous, and glossy. It is also beautiful in appearance and holds signature properties such as intricate and detailed swirl patterns and elegant spotting.

Solid marble countertops often convey lovely taste and can be more affordable than you may think. To cut the cost of of this precious stone consider buying it in smaller tiles or use them as accent pieces. Other options include placing it around your home as decor accent pieces. For example, your kitchen countertop can be made with maple and feature a marble inlay at the center or as a backdrop. Marble inlays can be designed with carvings or etched simply with acid. The majority of accent pieces do not need to be sealed but many installers recommend using a vulcanized sealant along their edges if your space gets tons of traffic such as a kitchen or bathroom. Many homeowners choose to opt out of the sealants because often the sealant can cause a matte finish. Sealants typically come into play when you are looking at restoring your marble. Check with your local marble restoration expert in Fort Lauderdale to learn more of your options.

The cost of marble countertops for your home varies based on the grade, style, and availability. The proper care and maintenance of your countertop can ensure it lasts many years to come. Over time your marble will naturally become more dull. Simple marble restoration in Fort Lauderdale is used when you need to restore the luster of your marble. Restoring the luster, gleam, and shine to your marble is a simple process that is not just affordable but fast and not very time consuming.

Marble is very heat resistant. They are often chosen for kitchens and mudrooms because they are not easily burned, scorched, or scratched. Your countertop will withstand extremely high temperatures but often the actual finish of the stone depends on its heat resistance. Using things like a pot holder or counter protectors are simple ways to protect the finish of your marble countertop. 

Restoring Marble in Fort Lauderdale

Restoring the marble floors in your home is a sure way to give your home an aesthetically pleasing boast. The first step is to grind and level your surface or floor – pay particular attention to grinding away rough areas and patches. Also be sure to address any stains or scratches in your marble during the process of grinding to ensure that once you finish the restoration will be flawless. Most stains and scratches should also be removed with flattening.

Next in the restoration of marble process is called honing. Honing not only provides a smooth finish but also the high natural gloss you often see. Honing is the step just before polishing the marble surface. Polishing aides in making sure the marble is gloss and provides extra shine. The last step is crystallizing or hardening your surface. Crystallizing keeps the brightness and color of your marble protected and beautiful.

Once every step is completed in restoring your marble use a broom to sweep or damp dust mop to remove all remaining particles, dust, and debris. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner as it can damage the surface. Pour a pH neutral cleaning solution onto the marble surface and rub the solution on the marble with a soft cloth. Choose optimal pH to ensure the stone is not eaten away. Apply a penetrating sealer to the surface as recommended by the label and ensure it is nontoxic in areas where food will be prepared.  

The Benefits and Care of Marble in Your Home
Article Name
The Benefits and Care of Marble in Your Home
Marble is a durable and aesthetically pleasing stone used in kitchens and bathrooms. Overtime marble can become well worn and restoration is needed.