Mint Marble & Stone Restoration is proud to deliver the same quality of work and level of professionalism to our residential clients as we do to our biggest commercial accounts. We work on floors, kitchens, bathrooms, driveways, pool decks, counter-tops, and yachts for our home projects and deliver a wide range of services. We offer our exclusive Everlast System to residential clients as a solution to worn or scratched marble or tile— And our new slip resistance division is making surfaces at your home or yacht safer to stand on. Our company has established a unique process utilizing special techniques for all jobs that result in a desirable finish. We treat residential surface care or restoration jobs with a unique respect for the value of your property and strive to achieve the most desirable results for you.


Make that first step out of the shower safer for your family and guest! As surface protection experts, we understand the dangers of slipping on sleek, glossy or wet ceramic and porcelain tiles. That's why we are introducing this effective service to improve safety at your home and even onboard your yacht. Our slip resistance division specializes in reducing the chance of dangerous slip-and-falls. We apply slip resistant technology to create a safer environment, so your family and friends can be safe, especially while walking in areas prone to get wet. This technique can be applied to ceramic tile or porcelain tie located anywhere on your property. We work on bathroom surfaces, kitchen surfaces, dining rooms, entryways, steps and patios areas as well as anywhere onboard yachts. Secure your ceramic tile or porcelain tile flooring and call Mint Marble & Stone Restoration today!


The surfaces on your yacht, like any surface, are subject to wear from foot traffic and other types of heavy use. Plus, both the interior and the exterior are regularly exposed to the elements of the sea every time you take it out on the water. Bathroom tile and marble counters become privy to dirt, scum and damage quickly, which is why you need marine surface care experts on the job. Mint Marble & Stone Restoration offer you our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all surface grinding, polishing and restoration work performed onboard your yacht. We specialize in providing full-service surface care to our marine clientele, accounting for a large share of our business. With decades of experience, we complete a variety of surface care services for private yachts and boats. We’re experienced in working with marble, terrazzo, stone, and polishing and restoration onboard yachts of all sizes. We work on areas like bathrooms, kitchens, boat countertops, entryways, and other areas on your private yacht. Our company has established a unique process utilizing special techniques for all marine surface care and restoration jobs that result in a desirable finish.

We eliminate deep scratches and uneven tile edges using a diamond abrasive pad and water to keep the dust down. 

We eliminate minor scratches from normal wear and tear using less abrasive pads and also without any dust. We offer a satin or matte finish upon request. 

This service will enhance the sheen of the stone and protect the marble or stone from everyday traffic and spills. 

We focus on removing dirt, stains, and bacteria along with excess wax and crystallization buildup and polymers that have become embedded over time.


Once we are done with our work we provide a seal to preserve the natural stone. 

Color Enhancing
Our penetrating sealer products using the Everlast Stone Guard System also deliver enhancement to color.

We remove the topical coatings that block the ability of your stone to reflect naturally. 

Grout Cleaning and Sealing
Grout is known to collect dirt and debris, which takes away from the quality look of your stone. Our patented Everlast system helps clean grout lines to look like new.